Questions You Should Be Asking Your OBGYN

OBGYN doctor talking to a woman facing herWe get it. Talking to your doctor about topics like vaginal discharge, PMS, and your sex life can be a little… vulnerable. But when it comes to your vaginal health, there is no better way to stay on track than to communicate with your OBGYN. Here are a few questions you should be asking your OBGYN.

Can I have sex during my period?

Having your period doesn’t stop you from doing well at work, crushing your workout, and going out with friends, and it shouldn’t prevent you from having sex, either. In fact, some women report that sexual activity during menstruation is more pleasurable than any other time of the month! The only health-related red flag about having sex during your period is related to infections. Because the pH level of your vagina raises slightly during menstruation, you may become more susceptible to yeast infections during this time. Even so, there is no clear evidence that sexual intercourse is to blame for these yeast infections. The main point? If you want to have sex, don’t let your period stop you.

What is that painful bump?

If you have a painful bump in your vaginal area, there is a good chance it is an ingrown hair or a pimple. Neither of these are cause for alarm, but they should be treated with care to avoid infection. Has the bump been around for quite awhile? If so, you definitely want to talk to your doc. In some cases, bumps can be symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes. There is no reason to risk it!

Can I have sex after waxing?

There is nothing like that smooth, sexy feeling after getting a Brazilian, and it seems like a great excuse to throw on a pair of lingerie! But many waxing centers recommend avoiding sexual intimacy until 24 hours after a wax due to micro tears. Is this necessary? It depends. If your skin is broken or sensitive, it is probably best to avoid sex to keep the area free of bacteria. If you don’t have any obvious tears, however, the risk of developing an infection is almost non existent. So if you just can’t wait, don’t!

What is all that gooey stuff?

If you have every wondered if all of the gooey, white discharge is normal, you aren’t alone. Most of us question what healthy discharge looks like – and how much we should have. While there are certain patterns of vaginal discharge that tend to exist throughout a woman’s cycle, however, discharge varies from person to person. What is it, exactly? Discharge helps to keep the vagina healthy by carrying away dead cells and bacteria. If your discharge has a sudden change in smell or color, it is important that you discuss these changes with an OBGYN.

An OBGYN in El Paso

There are countless other questions that we could list here, but here’s the main point: there are no questions too embarrassing to ask an OBGYN. If you have more questions or simply want to schedule a check up with one of Desert Mountain Obstetrics and Gynecology’s experienced medical staff, don’t hesitate to contact our office today!

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