Taking Care of Your Women’s Wellness Care

smiling women's doctor holding a bright red fake heartSo many healthcare issues and problems are related to women’s wellness. Not only that, a woman’s body changes at just about every stage of life. There is so much to keep track of from fertility, to cycle issues, postpartum depression, menopause, and more. Then of course women also have to worry about their risk of cancer. With so much to think about it is no wonder that some women want to forget about it all together. The truth of the matter is, women’s healthcare should not be neglected.

Don’t Neglect OBGYN Visits

Many women find all kinds of excuses to skip out on a gynecologist check up. Some women even think that because they are not sexually active or have no intentions of getting pregnant they don’t need these visits. However, it is important to continue on with annual pap smears and check ups. With the changing women’s body there is always something else to be checking on. Screening for cervical cancer and STDs, HPV tests, getting mammograms, and thinking about menopause are all issues that shouldn’t be neglected. Even bone density becomes an issue. While a gynecologist is not the specialist for all these issues, they are all women’s wellness concerns.

Plan For the Future

If you are concerned about your women’s wellness care there are several things you can do to prepare for a healthy future. Wellness can really start at any age. Women in their 20s should be concerning themselves with regular pap smears and screenings for HPV and STDs. These are important tests that can protect against cervical cancer. Women in their 30s should actually start preparing for healthy bones. It is important to take in enough calcium and get in some weight-bearing exercises. This can prevent osteoporosis. During the 40s mammograms become especially important. This is also a time that comes with perimenopause which can cause weight and emotional issues. Then of course comes menopause in the 50s. During the 60s bone screening is important to check for osteoporosis prevention.

Healthy Stress Management

It’s no secret that stress can wreak havoc on a women’s wellness as well. Normal stress is good and can be healthy. But living in a constant state of stress can cause hormonal issues, adrenal issues, emotional problems, weight gain, and more. Exercise, breathing routines, finding time to relax, and eating the right foods are all steps towards healthy stress management.

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