Vaginal Laser Treatment in El Paso

Offering Relief and Rejuvenation for Women’s Health

Happy WomanLaser treatment for vaginal laxity is a great alternative to surgical procedures. In fact, the results have revealed that laser treatment is highly effective in providing vaginal rejuvenation and relief from discomfort. A recent study found that 95 percent of women experienced positive results.

Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome

As women age, the vaginal walls experience laxity. This is made worse with childbirth, especially when it comes to multiple pregnancies and deliveries. The changes that take place with hormones during menopause can add to vaginal relaxation syndrome as well. Some of the effects that come with this condition include less sensitivity during intercourse and urinary incontinence. While there may not be health risks with this condition, it can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Many women may even experience anxiety or depression as a result of the problem. The good news is, there is a solution.

Laser treatment can provide vaginal rejuvenation and restore a woman’s vaginal canal. This is a surgery free solution to vaginal laxity. The procedure is quick, painless, and noninvasive. There is also little downtime and a quick healing process.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

  • Little to no downtime
  • Quick healing
  • Noninvasive procedure
  • Quick procedure time
  • Pain-free

The laser uses specific wavelengths to treat gynecological conditions and deliver aesthetic results as well. Dr. Zamudio uses the Dynamis Pro to provide patients with comfort from several conditions. The laser treatments have been effective in providing results in vaginal canal tightening. A study was conducted to assess sexual gratification improvement after using the laser. The results showed that 95 percent of patients experienced more sensation during sex. Not only that, 57% of patients experienced a better orgasm and 14% had more orgasms. The overall results showed that only five percent of patients saw no improvement.

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