A High-Risk Pregnancy Doctor in El Paso

Happy pregnant womanPregnancy is a delicate time, so finding out that you have high-risk pregnancy needs can be frightening. We know the stress and fear that can come with needing a high-risk pregnancy doctor. Dr. Zamudio and our staff strive to give you the best quality of comprehensive care. Dr. Zamudio believes that his patients are number one priority. He strives to make each patient feel comfortable and at ease at every appointment. While delivering obstetric care through every phase of your pregnancy, he will take the time to complete extra tests, ultrasounds and treat any issues that arise.

High-Risk Pregnancy Management

Coming to a high-risk pregnancy doctor simply means you are going to receive extra care and monitoring to ensure the health of you and your baby remains stable. At Desert Mountain OBGYN we take care of a number of conditions and screenings.

  • Fetal Anomalies
  • Inherited Disorders
  • Multiple Gestation
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Preterm Labor
  • Insulin Dependent Diabetes
  • Fetal Screenings
  • Ultrasounds

The Expecting Mother’s Healthcare

A number of factors can contribute to or cause a high-risk pregnancy. Whether you have an existing health issue that can complicate pregnancy, are high-risk, or if health issues arise during the pregnancy, Dr. Zamudio will provide in-depth monitoring and care. From extra screenings to switching out medications for safer alternatives, he will provide you with the care that you and baby need.

Baby’s Health During High-Risk Pregnancy

While these pregnancies can cause a lot of worry and concern for a mother, the most common question is, will my baby be alright? The good news is, seeing a high-risk pregnancy doctor will help detect any issues with mom or baby as soon as possible. A healthy mother will most often have a healthy baby. Whether you have existing health issues that require medication, or pregnancy related issues like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, Dr. Zamudio provides excellent care for both mother and baby.

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